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Our Bishop & Pastor

Bishop Robert & Pastor Patricia Walker are the Senior Pastors and founders of the Life Changing Deliverance Int’l Church. Bishop Robert was born in the State of South Carolina and Pastor Patricia was born in St. Louis, Missouri. While serving at the Shield of Faith Christian Center of Pomona for many years, in January 1999, God birthed the vision for Life Changing Deliverance Int’l Church of West Covina into our heart and spirit at a Wednesday night prayer meeting. Life Changing Deliverance Int’l Church is under the umbrella, and is an affiliate, of the Shield of Faith Fellowship of Churches. 

As a Church, our lives speak of those who dare to stand up boldly to declare a message that overcoming the obstacles that life throws at us is achievable. “You will be Delivered!!”  “(You can Stay delivered).” As a church, we stand by the principle of if you build the people, they will build the Kingdom of God and God will give them their Identity in Christ.  Our church maintains a vision of being deeply rooted in local and global communities, the Life Changing Deliverance Int’l Church charter is to extend a “hand of help to the needy, a heart of compassion to the hurting, and a message of empowerment and deliverance to the disenfranchised.” God’s hand of favor is on our Church “Keep Looking, Can You See It.” God has been good to Life Changing Deliverance Int’l Church, and we believe the best “(Is Now).” “Living a Life of Deliverance” is our church brand!! 

Bishop Robert & Pastor Patricia have been married for 30 years. “It is an amazing (Saved) Spirit-filled life with wife, Patricia (Pat). We have raised (2) children together. Also, we have (2) other children living in England. We have a total of 8 grandchildren. What an amazing life and family in Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.” - Bishop Robert

Pray For Our Church Leadership

Pastor Nakia Miller

Pastor Marvin Miller

Pastor Mario Balderrama

Pastor Liz Balderrama

Minister Roshanna Miller

Minister Ashley Walker

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